Error trying to build from Notepad++

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1980s Guy
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Error trying to build from Notepad++

Post by 1980s Guy »

New to this forum so hopefully this is the right place to post. I've installed z88dk and am trying to use NppExec from Notepad++ to build my BASIC code for a VZ300 (VTech Laser 310).

I'm getting the following error message:

NPP_EXEC: "VZ Build"
NPP_SAVE: C:\Users\User\Documents\pixtest.txt
CD: C:\Users\User\Documents
Current directory: C:\Users\User\Documents
C:\VZ\z88dk\bin\zcc.exe +vz -pragma-redirect:scrbase=base_graphics -o pixtest.vz pixtest.txt
Process started (PID=17008) >>>

1 file(s) copied.
The system cannot find the file specified.
Unrecognised config option: INCLUDE

Cannot copy crt0 file
<<< Process finished (PID=17008). (Exit code 1)
================ READY ================

Can anybody see what I'm doing wrong here? Many thanks in advance.
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Re: Error trying to build from Notepad++

Post by Timmy »


zcc.exe needs additional environment variables to work, so set these before starting the program.
Test it in a command line prompt until you get the correct ones. I think they start with ZCC but it's too early in the morning for me to remember.

I usually just write a .BAT file for it. You can find some of those example files scattered around this forum. I've posted many of them.

z88dk is also not a BASIC compiler. So it definitely won't build BASIC porgrams. And if you save them as .c files, N++ will automatically colour your code too.
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Re: Error trying to build from Notepad++

Post by stefano »

Check you have Z88DK_DIR and ZCCCFG in your system configuration.
On windows you might try the batch file in z88dk\z88dk_prompt.bat, it should set them for you.
Avoid compiling programs with fancy extensions, zcc is able to accept object files, C source files or assembler code programs (.asm). When you pass multiple files, it will try to build what necessary and link them all together, that's why the file extension matters when you build a C program with any compiler.
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