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DR GSX Graphic Extension

Posted: Mon Mar 15, 2021 9:38 pm
by stefano
Here's a function set to interface to the GSX extension for CP/M, which was available on a limited number of systems back in the eighties.

After compiling a program needing to use the GSX functions, a special stub must be added to the generated COM file by using the GENGRAF command usually present in the system disk.

I checked it on the PCW-9000 and TS-803 target and I must say that the 2 outputs are very close.
The Televideo target is not disabling the cursor automatically, but it is probably a bug in the MAME emulator which is barely booting the TS803H, giving odd disk error messages on the second drive, badly reacting to the keyboard, etc..

by the way.. woo hoo! it works!

Re: DR GSX Graphic Extension

Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2021 6:28 pm
by stefano
I managed to emulate the z88dk graphics output on the GSX devices. ( -lgfxgsx :) )

Please consider that it was intended for static pictures, e.g. to be sent to an external plotter, etc..
I chose a reduced resolution which, when addressing the single pixels, will be cropped or shrinked, depending on the target device.

The Joyce emulator boosts the graphics at a (probably fake) 800x600 resolution, thus it gets slightly shrinked:

The TS803 in turn had 720 pixels, thus the output is slightly cropped:

As said, don't try to use this thing for action games and sprite animation, it will be slow and messy !

Re: DR GSX Graphic Extension

Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2021 9:15 am
by stefano
I still need to sort out the libraries and the configurations for mainly 2 conflicts:

- those targets like "Bondwell2", "Amstrad PCW" move the code_graphics page at the memory bottom. The same thing is done by GENGRAF to append the support for the extended BDOS calls. I'll probably shortcut the problem by increasing the entries in 'cpm.cfg', but it will get quite crowdy.

- Some of the 'wide' version of the graphics libraries have an odd conflict with 'draw_c' and 'plot_c', which I wasn't able to spot on the libsrc directories. For putsprite, I replaced plot() with plot_callee() as a workaround, the 'stencil' stuff and others needs still to be fixed, here's a sample error message:

symbol '_draw_callee' already defined in module 'draw_c'

By the way.. the GSX version of the 'globe' demo is cool !

..on TS803, the text console and graphics mixing is not supported, a possible evolution is to get a minimal console support based on DRAW_TEXT.
GSX has also its own APIs to deal with the real text mode and cursor but I'm afraid it wouldn't solve.


Re: DR GSX Graphic Extension

Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2021 12:21 pm
by dom
Can we not do the gengraf thing ourselves? I think it loads GSX.SYS and puts it at the appropriate place in memory? So, if we link with the library it fiddles with our GRAPHICS_ORG_ADDR to get into the right place?
- Some of the 'wide' version of the graphics libraries have an odd conflict with 'draw_c' and 'plot_c', which I wasn't able to spot on the libsrc directories.
draw_c and plot_c in target/cpm/graphics are the source of the problem - there's a #define in graphics.h that #define draw draw_callee which means that the code in those files is exported as draw_callee etc, so there's no draw() label available.

Re: DR GSX Graphic Extension

Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2021 7:14 pm
by stefano
We surely can, but the GSX heavily depends on the host system configuration in any case.

EDIT: I understood your suggestion only after a second "translation pass".. it's a good idea, but .. let's think at it a bit more. Couldn't it be rather possible to use appmake manually to put a COM file in a disk image? I promise I won't mess the config, at a second though it was a bad idea.

The good thing is that probably the picture above could be easily adapted to be sent to a plotter or a printer. clg() opens the output device #1, but the number can be changed by using gios_open() , or assign.sys can assign another device to #1 directly.
I'd rather focus a further effort in:
- finding a way to REMOVE the GENGRAF stub from an old application
- creating a bridgde to replace the GSX BDOS entry with a new one built with z88dk on the graphics library we already have

EDIT2: we must definitely try to run it on the BBC micro!

Re: DR GSX Graphic Extension

Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2021 8:44 pm
by stefano
doh.. it could be easier than expected !
It seems to me it lists the PRL files to compute the total size it needs to allocate.

There's also gsx.sys, which should install the device driver (PRL format) listed in ASSIGN.SYS:

And a driver for the uPD7220 !

Re: DR GSX Graphic Extension

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2021 5:25 pm
by stefano
Fast box drawing and square area cleaning are now supported. Sprites will always be slow, but now the picture distortions are drastically reduced.

Re: DR GSX Graphic Extension

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2021 8:55 pm
by stefano
I'm on the 'gengraf thing' now, I finished decoding the disassembly of and gsx.sys, which were not commented rightly in few relevant parts.
My prototype should, when finished, load a requested driver by specifying the PRL file name, allocate it in 'himem' at the appropriate byte boundary after lowering SP, patch it for its assigned position and export the new entry point to be used in place of M_GSX().
If everything will go the way I'm hoping M_GSX could become a function smart enough to work in both GDOS mode (via gengraf + BDOS) and direct GIOS calls.