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CUG archive

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The "CDROM.COM" collections are now available on
Among the others, the archives related to the "C Users Group", aka CUG are a real goldmine.
The first volume includes a good number of programs for CP/M systems.
I spotted a lot of stuff inspired by the "Software Tools" book and a couple of low level tools to access the disk data.
Keep an eye on ... os-related
, most of the tools should work also on OSCA or TRS80

D.C is very similar to the CP/M directory program often distributed with the boot disks. It was normally machine specific, due to the OEM disk format and the specific display columns size. This version looks quite generic, but it can be personalized if necessary.

SUBMIT.C is an interesting implementation of the SUBMIT command. As far as I could understand, it is equivalent to the original one by Digital Research written in PL/M.

CRYPT.C is a crazy conversion I've done to z88dk. It is optionally able to deal with the original files created by the BDS C version, which requires the same randomization algorithms and the reproduction of the original compiler bugs while setting the SEED with the given secret key (the original code runs correctly on GCC and z88dk, thus differently than on BDS C). Beware, it's a weak encryption (16..24 bits of real key length), but it is quite a non-standard thing, you could alter a bit the program and create your custom "secret encryption algorithm: :D

LAR.C is a multi format archiver, I extended it so it's somewhat better than the original program.

Other tools are more UNIX-like, the file redirection capbility makes them quite interesting.
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