Importing code from OZDEV (Sharp Wizard)

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Importing code from OZDEV (Sharp Wizard)

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Very long time ago I tried to provide a graphics emulation library for the Sharp Wizard organizers compatible to the OZDEV HiTech C based kit.
I never finished it, honestly it is in rather crappy status.

I thought that a quick and dirty macro set could have helped in sorting the library out, so here it is ! ... de/ozdev.h

The resulting programs are rather big and not fully working, but the macros permit to focus on a fewer number of issues and get something running in a shorter time.
Most of the missing functions will probably be useless on other targets (backlight or power management stuff, special keys, etc..) but I think few good ideas can still arise from this little exercise.

Comparison between the original HTC program:
..and the one converted to Z88DK, any target with high resolution graphics support:
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