Can appmake create +3DOS headed binary files?

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Can appmake create +3DOS headed binary files?

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I know z88dk's appmake tool can create +3DOS headed files within a zx spectrum plus3 .dsk disk image, but as this type of file is used by esxdos and residos as well now it would be nice if appmake could create them directly.

I need this as I have a basic loader that has some machine code in a rem statement to detect which of any of plus3dos, residos or esxdos is available and load the correct program to match what is found:

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10 CLEAR VAL "32767"
20 LET A = USR VAL "PEEK 23635+256* PEEK 23636+7"
30 IF A = 0 THEN PRINT "Either ESXDOS, ResiDOS v1.40+ or PLUS3DOS is required": STOP
40 IF A = 1 THEN LOAD "plus3dos.bin" CODE : GOTO 70
50 IF A > 3 THEN LOAD * "esxdos.bin" CODE : GOTO 70
60 LOAD % "residos.bin" CODE : GOTO 70
I couldn't find any existing means to create plus3dos.bin, esxdos.bin and residos.bin in z88dk, so I've added the ability to do it in a fork on github. Here's my quick & dirty code commit: ... 70fd9033f3

I've attached my project files to this thread as well in case you'd like to see what I'm up to.
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Re: Can appmake create +3DOS headed binary files?

Post by dom »

I like the idea of being able to write out the files without writing the disc image so I'll add that capability.
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