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The thread you are reading is incomplete. It is possible that the ordinal thread was deleted before another reply was posted to the list. It is also possible that the mail list bridge was created after this thread was started, so as a result, the original post was never added.

In any case, you are urged to search the mailing list archives to find the missing pieces of the thread.

#1 2018-10-27 13:12:02

Derek Bolli via z88dk-developers

[z88dk-dev] CVS/PM stuff


"Oops... looks like we lost one! 404: Siden finnes ikke lenger. Ta en titt i menyen og se om du finner det du leter etter. Har vi lenket feil blir vi glade om du gir oss beskjed smile"

Sounds like one of those Swedish miniseries that J J Abrams turns into an Emmy award winning Netflix drama.



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