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#1 2012-11-06 11:12:53

Registered: 2007-07-16
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z88dk v1.10 released

z88dk 1.10 is now uploaded to Sourceforge.
This snapshot aim is to consolidate all the past behaviour before trying to evolve the project seriously.

- [z80asm] Re-arranged and bugfixed
- [sccz80] Code generation size optimizations, in both standard mode and '-O3' mode
- [sccz80] Type conversion bugfixed (workaround on optimizer)
- [zcc] Skeleton to support the SDCC compiler engine (under development)
- [lib] Mono graphics lib improved and bugfixed
- [lib] simplified console input output bugfixed and optimized
- [lib] Turbo C conio and bgi emulation
- [lib] zx81, Spectrum and TS2068 console libs fixed and improved
- [lib] Sega SC3000: New target
- [lib] Memotech MTX: New target
- [lib] Canon X07: New target
- [lib] OSCA (v6z80p1): New target
- [lib] Sorcerer Exidy: New target
- [lib] SD memory card support code
- [lib] New stdio_new alternate code ready for substitution
- [appmake] New 'dumb' mode for various targets
- [appmake] 'Turbo Tape' and other improvements for some target
- [appmake] Fixes for TI83 and TI84
- [appmake] Binary patching tool for Sharp MZ 'Monitors' for cross-convertions

- [lib, z80asm , sccz80, etc..] Many other improvements and bug fixes !!

As usual, refer to the wiki and the forum to get more informations on the new features.
(http://www.z88dk.org/wiki  .. http://www.z88dk.org/forum)



#2 2012-11-29 12:51:36

Registered: 2007-07-16
Posts: 1581

Re: z88dk v1.10 released

In only 10 days after the release a lot of users showed up suggesting corrections, so the original relase is now refreshed with an updated one.  List of the last minute fixes:
- mtx: appmake was invoking the 'zx' conversion mode in place of the MTX file type: fixed
- zx special input functions working again (sleep() issue)
- z80svg: more functionalities + alloc()/free() tweaks to make windows compiled version stable
- windows installer now works for every destination folder (can be used to install in c:\)



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