z88dk v1.7 released

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z88dk v1.7 released

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The first in our regular cycles of z88dk has been released. This release contains changes that have been applied over the past two years, including a number of new platforms, changes to the core libraries to make compiled programs smaller and faster and a large number of other changes. The details that can be remembered are listed below:

* [sccz80] Bug fixes, tweaks to single parameter function pointer calls
* [z80asm] Z80asm supporting Rabbit
* [zcpp] End of file fix for win32
* [zcc] -Cz flag to pass through to appmake
* [appmake] Support for most z88dk targets
* [lib/crt0] Support for Newbrain, Rabbit, Sega Master System SMS, TS2068
* [lib] Much of the library rewritten to use FASTCALL and CALLEE linkage for faster and small library function calls
* [lib] malloc library can now allocate from a scattered map of available RAM and supports multiple heaps
* [lib] balloc library introduced as a block memory allocator
* [lib] interrupt mode 2 library added
* [lib] stdlib and strings now completely implemented in assembler and expanded
* [lib] abstract data types library introduced initially containing linked list, heap, stack and queue algorithms library begun initially containing an implementation of the A* search algorithm
* [lib] ZX Spectrum : ZX basic fcntl driver
* [lib] ZX Spectrum : SP1 software sprite engine added
* [lib] ZX Spectrum : Improved Spectrum library includes new display functions
* [lib] ZX Spectrum : Input library added for direct access to keyboard, joystick and mouse devices

A source package and a kit containing win32 binaries can be obtained from the [url=http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=2917"]sourceforge download page[/url].

Enjoy, and special thanks to Alvin, Stefano for making this happen (not forgetting all the other contributors).

The next scheduled release is v1.8 on 13/1/2008, though there may be a bug fix release for 1.7 between now and then.
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