[z88dk-dev] #136 - classic: text terminal discrepancy in sdcc versus

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[z88dk-dev] #136 - classic: text terminal discrepancy in sdcc versus

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I'm on it. It is, as said, a bit slow going but I chose to focus on the text output only and think at the next steps with a cleaner situation (it was also time to revise the targets and see if they were all in working order).

By the way I'd like to have your opinion on the console input changes to be done (in any). Now both sccz80 and sdcc make "OTHELLO" fail in recognizing the '\n' character in input, I tried to switch CR/LF on getk() and fgetc_cons() and other tweaks on those functions but it didn't work. Consider that Othello used the same input code also on the BDS C version and that it works perfectly if compiled with CL or GCC (the latest compiler versions complain a lot, but this is another story).

This was also the main reason for me delaying my support on this topic, I even reverted part of the configuration in the past year and probably increased the mess, sorry not to have said it before, but I totally forgot the exact problem until now.


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