[z88dk-dev] Sharp PC-G8xx and PCExx "pocket computers"

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[z88dk-dev] Sharp PC-G8xx and PCExx "pocket computers"

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They were pocket computers (calculators) with a small LCD display intended to be easily programmed to be used in schools. They had some success o in the recent past (around 2002), but many models were sold only in Japan.

All of them are designed to permit low-level programming (C and assembly) and a very basic compatibility between the different models at BIOS and hardware level which permitted me to provide an universal CLIB option (+g800) with console support. The current z88dk port is based on the ANSI engine but the text resolution is very low: only 4 rows text !

For this reason I put in some G850 specific code, the "+g850b" option is just extending to 6 rows display and using the extra BIOS features to save some memory. The "+g850" option is based on the S-OS emulator's text driver, supporting a smaller font capable of 36x8 characters (enough to play 'Adventure 'A'). Sadly a similar trick can't be used on all the models because some of them have fixed rows to separate the 8x8 character cells.

The common way to share the binary programs is Intel HEX, so the packaging phase was easy !


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