z88dk with CYGWIN How?

Installing on windows
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z88dk with CYGWIN How?

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The manual page has an empty section about CYGWIN usage with Z88DK


I would like to be able to use Z88DK with Windows + CYGWIN in order to make my code Linux-compatible.

Z88DK fails when used in a Makefile complaining about missing files.
I get errors like:
/cygdrive/c/z88dk/bin/zcc.exe +ace -O3 -D__ACE__ -clib=ansi -Cz--audio -o min -create-app $(SOURCE_PATH)/display_macros.c $(SOURCE_PATH)/enemy.c $(SOURCE_PATH)/invincible_enemy.c $(SOURCE_PATH)/level.c $(SOURCE_PATH)/character.c $(SOURCE_PATH)/text.c $(SOURCE_PATH)/missile.c $(SOURCE_PATH)/strategy.c $(SOURCE_PATH)/input_macros.c $(SOURCE_PATH)/main.c


PROCESSING ./src/display_macros.c
zcpp -iquote"." -DZ80 -DACE -D__ACE__ -D__ACE__ -DSCCZ80 -DSMALL_C -D__SCCZ80 -isystem"c:/z88dk//include" "./src/display_macros.c" "C:\cygwin64\tmp\zccA5822.i2"
make: *** [Makefile:78: ace_11k] Error 1

I have also tried to pass the paths through -isystem for both z88dk include directory as well as ./src/zx81 but the compiler still fails to find zx81/zx81_graphics.h (which is simply inside the ./src directory).
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