(classic) Updated target: Sharp X1

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(classic) Updated target: Sharp X1

Post by dom »

I've just merged some (long overdue) enhancements for the Sharp X1. These changes have only been tested on emulators (mame and takeda), with luck they'll work on real hardware too - any corrections/additions for the Turbo models will also be gratefully received.

- Generic console changes

Two screen modes are now supported: mode 0 (40x25) and mode 1 (80x25)

Redefining font and udgs are now available. This uses the text mode so is nice and quick in terms of display/scrolling. However, writing to the PCG video ram is both horrendously slow and extremely timing sensitive - I'd really appreciate some feedback on whether this feature works on the real hardware.

- Graphics implementation

High resolution graphics for the two screen modes is now supported. As is now customary, pixels can be plotted in colour using textcolor(N)

- CP/M support

appmake can now generate discs in the correct format for CP/M running on the Sharp X1. An additional library supported graphics and gencon under CP/M will be added soon.
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Post by RobertK »

Fantastic, thank you. H-Tron runs on the X1 now:

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Post by stefano »

cute !
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