MBASIC disassembly updated

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MBASIC disassembly updated

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The MBASIC version 5.22 came in different flavours, including one for the MSX, some dated March 10th, some 19th.
They were very similar but the code modules were linked in a different order.
For what I could observe the file functionalities were left totally untouched, even the 'missing octal suffix' bug is present on all the variants as well as support for cp/m v1, also on the MSX, which wasn't even fully optimised for the z80 (other 5.22 variants were) and used the same cp/m BDOS calls.

Not much else is available online for CP/M with a release version superior than 5.22.
The MSX got a specific tuned version marked 5.29, which seemed to exist for the msx only.

I changed those instructions which were usually converted to z80. z80asm is able to revert everything transparently and generate 8080 code byte identical to the original, with a simple assembler option! (-m8080)

The differences between the 5.22 variants seem to be, taking aside the Z80 opts, minor terminal related adjustments and odd memory setup routines, some of which seem to include useless, forgotten code.

The updated source can be used to produce a cleaner equivalent of the original MBASIC 5.22, optionally tuned for the Z80, probably z80asm does a good job also for the i8085.

Obviously, as for the Spectrum +3 customization, it is also a good starting point to add sound, tape and graphics extensions for specific computer models running cp/m. ... argets/cpm
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