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#1 2018-06-30 19:48:27

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Project tag line changed

Earlier this week I changed the tagline from "The development kit for over fifty z80 machines" to "The development kit for over sixty z80 machines" and then today I counted.

Classic supports 71 different targets, and newlib adds, I think, four that aren't supported by classic. So we're now "The development kit for over seventy z80 machines".

There's plenty more z80 machines out there which aren't supported, but which ones should we look to add next?



#2 2018-09-25 20:18:17

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Re: Project tag line changed

What is "different machine"?
The Luxor ABC800 had at least two flavors that both ought to work with the abc800 machine. (There is also a computer by the name Facit DTC, which is a rebranded ABC800).
The mz machine seems to work with at least 6 computers (or even more..) MZ80A,B,C,K MZ-700 and MZ-800 in MZ-700 mode. It will probably also work with the mz-1200 and mz-1500.
As I pointed out in another thread, the mz series need a lot of work, and maybe even need to be split up. MZ80B and MZ-800 have high res graphics, MZ80B also has a more or less standard ASCII character table. (The other ones are special, to say the least).
I am working on it a bit, but "It might take some time"(TM)




#3 2018-09-25 21:58:09

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Re: Project tag line changed

I think it is a very honest total.   On the 'architectures ' perspective we cover more configurations (e.g. rom cartridges, boot tapes and disks,   loaded from basic...).    If we list the models and the clones..   well  numbers are even higher  smile
by saying the covered targets are more than 70, we refer to the common denominator



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