(classic) New target: Bandai RX-78

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(classic) New target: Bandai RX-78

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Another new machine, this one is pretty rare, somewhere in the region of 20 cartridges were produced for it.

* SHARP LH0080A (Z80A) @ 4.1 MHz
* 8k IPL.ROM
* 14k RAM 0xb000 - 0xebff
* 192x184 (W x H) screen, supporting pixel by pixel colour. 27 colour palette
* SN76489A @ port 0xff
* 2 joysticks

What's supported:

* Native console ouptut
* Generic console output
* Monochrome graphics
* Inkey keyboard driver
* Joystick reading
* PSG sound

As with one of the other recent ports, pixel by pixel colour isn't yet supported by the libraries.
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