(classic) Updated target: NEC PC-6001

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(classic) Updated target: NEC PC-6001

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Following a report from RobertK that graphics on the NEC PC-6001 were misbehaving it was worth taking a look at the machine and see what the matter was.

The net result is that this port now supports 3 graphics modes:

- Standard text 32x16 with 64x48 block graphics
- Monochrome 256x192
- Multicoloured 128x192

The graphics system has been combined so that (for example) setting the text colour using textcolor() or the generic console will also affect the pixel colour that is plotted.

It's also been made a bit more modular so that you don't have to link the code for modes 1 + 2 if you don't want them.

Details are on the wiki page: https://github.com/z88dk/z88dk/wiki/Pla ... NEC-PC6001

We've now got several targets supporting multiple screenmodes and several computers with MC6847 so I can feel a bit of harmonisation coming up, so please, please report any problems with this port (I'd much rather fix any issues once than multiple times).

If someone has access to the real hardware, I'd really appreciate the block graphics mode being tested - I'm genuinely not sure whether I'm taking advantage of a faulty implementation in the two emulators I've tried or the hardware genuinely does allow mixing of alphanumerics and colorgraphic6 mode at the same time!
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