(classic) PC-8801 updates

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(classic) PC-8801 updates

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I don't think we've got a topic for this machine, so lets create one.

I've added some new features to this target today.

1. Autobooting disc creation. Using -subtype=disk you can just insert the .d88 into FD1 and skip the rather long Takeda startup pause. The program still starts at 0x8a00 - we'll only be able to switch to all ram mode when we're no longer dependent on the ROM for reading the keyboard.

2. WYZ Player. WYZ player now works on the pc8001 (at least with the pc8810ma.exe emulator)

To go along with this, interrupt handlers can now be registered.

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Re: (classic) PC-8801 updates

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.. keeping the github comments in the loop
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