z88dk v2.1 released

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z88dk v2.1 released

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It's February, so that must mean it's z88dk freeze and snapshot release time!

Unfortunately we ran out of time to complete some major projects, hopefully they'll be available in the nightly builds later on in the year.

However, as usual there's hundreds of changes ranging from more targets, to changes to speed up compilation and smoothing the
development experience, some highlights:

There's new support for a bunch of 808x (and other) machines:

* Altair8800
* DAI32
* Homelab 2 and Homelab3/4
* Krokha
* LM80-C homebrew machine
* Lviv/Lvov PK-01
* Ondra Vili
* Specialist
* Vector 06c
* Spectrum Next

There's also been some work around floating point again:

* A 16 bit IEEE754 maths library
* DAI 8080 maths library (classic)
* AM9511 support (newlib)

To create some noise, there's some tracker changes:

* Imported WYZplayer (AY)
* Imported Vortex Tracker2 (AY)
* PSGlib is now available for other targets (SN76489)

The toolchain has had some improvements too:

* zsdcc has been updated to sdcc 4.0.7 r12036
* sccz80 supports long long data types
* Concurrent builds from same directory are now supported
* Banking/MegaROMs supported on several targets
* Linking is now significantly faster on Windows

Download links:

* Release kits are available from GitHub: https://github.com/z88dk/z88dk/releases
* For the 1999 feeling also from Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/z88dk/files/2.1/
* The latest tag on dockerhub now contains 2.1: https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/z88dk/z88dk
* The latest/beta channel on snapcraft.io now points to 2.1: https://snapcraft.io/z88dk

Of course the regular nightly builds continue and will be getting new features and the inevitable bug fixes. Nightly builds are available from:

* http://nightly.z88dk.org
* Snapcraft latest/edge channel
* Docker nightly tag
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