(classic) SAM Coupé updated

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(classic) SAM Coupé updated

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There's been a few changes to the Sam Coupe target lately, it's changed substantially so a simple recompilation may fail to link, or otherwise not work.

Target structure:

The previous Sam target used the ROM to read the keyboard/print the screen etc. This mode is still available, but has be relegated to `-subtype=basic` in favour of a memory model that drives the hardware directly.

Which brings us on to the new library features:

Console output: Gencon has been implemented and supports all 4 screen modes. There's still a couple of niggles in MODE 1 which I'll sort out in the near future and at the moment you need to define a font with -pragma-redirect:CRT_FONT=.... since I've not defaulted it.

Graphics: Plotting and drawing is now available in all 4 modes.

Inkey keyboard: Inkey keyboard support has been added - so multiple keypresses can be detected.

Joystick: Joystick reading via both <input.h> and <games.h> is available

Disc creation: The -create-app option will now create a .MGT disc image for insertion into your favourite emulator.
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