[changes] 1/4/2021

New features and project activity between releases
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[changes] 1/4/2021

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I'm going to start using this forum for it's original purpose and attempt to create "periodic" summaries of changes that have happened recently - even if nightly is tracked it's not obvious what has changed and some of the things that are worked on aren't necessarily worth forum posts.

This one will be a long one since it'll wrap up a couple of months since the last release:

(classic) CP/M support (+cpm)

* Amstrad PCW graphics: https://github.com/z88dk/z88dk/wiki/Pla ... mstrad-PCW
* GSX graphics library underway
* Bondwell 12/14 support: https://github.com/z88dk/z88dk/wiki/Platform---Bondwell
* Bondwell 2 support: https://github.com/z88dk/z88dk/wiki/Pla ... -Bondwell2
* Support for writing Amstrad and Televideo discs

(classic) Elan Enterprise (+enterprise)

* (Release issue) Graphics support repaired

(classic) Genius Leader (+gl)

* Completed -clib=gl6000sl support: https://github.com/z88dk/z88dk/wiki/Pla ... 0sl-6000sl

This particular flavour of these learning computers is worth adding to target lists, there's a 240x100 pixel hires screen and inkey keyboard support

(classic) Hübler Grafik MC (+hgmc)

* Optimised stencil render added

(classic) LVIV (+lviv)

* Fixed an issue which caused a fault when appmake was invoked on windows

(classic) Multi8 (+multi8)

* Background colour was added to graphical gencon
* Plotting now respects textcolor() and colour pixels can be printed

(classic) PC88 (+pc88)

* As noted in other threads, the graphics support was revamped and optimised
* Bootable disc creation

(classic) Radio 86 (+radio86)

* New target: https://github.com/z88dk/z88dk/wiki/Platform--Radio86

(classic) Bandai RX-78 (+rx78)

* Plotting now respects textcolor() and colour pixels can be printed

(classic) SAM Coupé (+sam)

This target was pretty much rewritten with support for all graphical modes, keyboard reading, interrupts and disc creation

Sony SMC-777 (+smc777)

* Native binaries can now be created (was previously supported under CP/M and SOS): https://github.com/z88dk/z88dk/wiki/Platform---SMC-777

(classic) Sega Master System (+sms)

* __banked call support as per other targets

(classic) TS2068 (+ts2068)

* Fonts can now be configured for the -clib=ansi configuration
* Fast stencil render routine added (including colour)

(classic) TRS80 (+trs80)

* Support for the HRG1 graphics card
* Support for Micro-Labs Grafix graphics card

(classic) ZX Spectrum (+zx)

* Improved interface 1 support

(classic) ZX81 (+zx81)

* (Release issue) Hires graphics now work oncemore

(classic) Graphics library

* Some optimisations to speed up graphics operations were applied

(classic) ANSI library

* The ANSI library can now be bridged to gencon code to allow greater portability of 3rd party code

(classic) 1 bit sound

* 4 bit samples can now be played

(classic) strdup

* (Release issue) strdup now links

(classic/newlib) Write only memset_wr()

Traditional implementations of memset() use an ldir for speed, but if a target allows the read and write banks to be controlled separately then this can result in unexpected results

(classic/newlib) Compression

The new ZX0, ZX1, ZX2 compressors were imported. ZX0 makes a significant difference to the size of the compressed data section for ROM compilations so switching to that is recommended.

The start of some documentation is here: https://github.com/z88dk/z88dk/wiki/Decompression

Some of the ZX* compressor variants were added to the gbz80 library and are now available on the Gameboy.

sccz80 optimisation rules

* (Release issue) Qualify some rules correctly

(sdcc) updated to 4.1.0 r12070

This brings in some bug fixes and hopefully no bugs

(ticks) Debugging support

* Some command and output tweaks to make debugging with ticks easier

(zcc) M4 processing

* (Release issue) The option -copy-back-after-m4 will now copy back processed m4 files

The removal of this feature back in September 2020 caused issues with certain 3rd party projects that did weird things with processed files.
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