New Library and Embedded and custom projects

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New Library and Embedded and custom projects

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I do a lot of custom builds and simple systems, is there a simple framework to create a generic Monitor program, or simple Generic system OS

I use my serial port a lot to monitor if the program is working and send back data.

Would be nice to be able to with just entering a system config file, create a target on the fly.


Z80: 4Mhz
serial: Z80_SIO, port 0x20, control 0x22, clock 64X, 8 bits, one stop bit, parity odd, etc.
ROM:start 0x0000, end 0x1fff
RAM:start 0x2000, end 0x3fff

then automatically generate a basic monitor for the build, to load test programs or monitor the status

also a framework to create a simple parser for writing new commands for the monitor or to modify it.
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