This one was very hard to find.

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This one was very hard to find.

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_cf_start: defb "TE_CONF", 0 ; 8 bytes > Identifier + ZERO
; for the configuration block in memory
; and COM file.
_cf_version: defb 2 ; 1 byte > Configuration version >= 0.
; It's not the TE version.
--------------------------------^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this comment causes all kinds of errors.
$ zcc +cpm -clib=8080 -S --list temp_save.c
temp_save.c: line 119: truncated token
temp_save.c:136:11: error: Missing token, expecting ( got -
temp_save.c:136:11: error: Illegal Argument Name:
temp_save.c:136:14: error: Illegal Argument Name:
temp_save.c:140:1: error: Illegal Argument Name:
temp_save.c:141:1: error: Illegal Argument Name:
temp_save.c:143:1: fatal error: Unexpected end of file
Compilation aborted

If I remove the comment
$ zcc +cpm -clib=8080 -S --list new_temp_save.c

... no errors ...

I think the bug is that the single quote is unbalanced. But it is in a comment field, so that may also be a bug.

I added the source file attachment.
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