Sanyo PHC-25

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Sanyo PHC-25

Post by RobertK »

Dom, Stefano: may I point you to the Sanyo PHC-25 which seems like a possible new target?

I recently found out that this computer had some success in France, and because of that there is a French fan page:

There you'll find:

- An emulator with ROMs included (Mame emulates it as well)
- Scans of the French manual
- A description of the .phc cassette file format (file structK7.doc inside the emulator zip)

For video display, the PHC-25 uses a common MC6847 chip.

Have a look...
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Re: Sanyo PHC-25

Post by stefano »

We have a placeholder already as a GitHub issue and even a very little bit of code written already.

The problem is that apparently the only known way to pass machine code to the PHC-25 is via a DATA READ/POKE loop in a BASIC program (as on the ABC80).
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