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Complete projects

There are several projects being developed with the Z88DK.

The 'Adventure A - Planet of Death' game

It is a text adventure game, for its history look at the Planet Of Death home page.

Because of its peculiarities (big size and little platform-specific code requirements) it is a good choice to test a new z88dk target.

The 'Campus LIsP' Language port

The 'Death Star' game

The 'Death Star' game is the first graphics game being adapted to z88dk. It is a conversion of a TI86 game found in

The original program was written by Andrew Von Dollen who in turn based it on a HP game by Joe W.

Its last version is portable, and is able to support sound and different dimensions of the game board. Some old versions are still used as examples on how to access directly to machine's specific resources (such as the video memory).

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