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void sp1_Initialize(uint16_t iflag, uint16_t colour, uint16_t tile)

void sp1_UpdateNow(void)

struct sp1_update *sp1_GetUpdateStruct(uint16_t row, uint16_t col)

void sp1_IterateUpdateArr(struct sp1_update **ua, void (*hook)(struct sp1_update *))

void sp1_IterateUpdateRect(struct sp1_Rect *r, void (*hook)(struct sp1_update *))

void sp1_InvUpdateStruct(struct sp1_update *u)

void sp1_ValUpdateStruct(struct sp1_update *u)

void sp1_DrawUpdateStructIfInv(struct sp1_update *u)

void sp1_DrawUpdateStructIfVal(struct sp1_update *u)

void sp1_DrawUpdateStructIfNotRem(struct sp1_update *u)

void sp1_DrawUpdateStructAlways(struct sp1_update *u)

void sp1_RemoveUpdateStruct(struct sp1_update *u)

void sp1_RestoreUpdateStruct(struct sp1_update *u)

void sp1_Invalidate(struct sp1_Rect *r)

void sp1_Validate(struct sp1_Rect *r)


void *sp1_TileEntry(uint16_t c, void *def)

void sp1_PrintAt(uint16_t row, uint16_t col, uint16_t colour, uint16_t tile)

void sp1_PrintAtInv(uint16_t row, uint16_t col, uint16_t colour, uint16_t tile)

uint16_t sp1_ScreenStr(uint16_t row, uint16_t col)

uint16_t sp1_ScreenAttr(uint16_t row, uint16_t col)

void sp1_PrintString(struct sp1_pss *ps, uint8_t *s)

void sp1_SetPrintPos(struct sp1_pss *ps, uint16_t row, uint16_t col)

void sp1_GetTiles(struct sp1_Rect *r, struct sp1_tp *dest)

void sp1_PutTiles(struct sp1_Rect *r, struct sp1_tp *src)

void sp1_PutTilesInv(struct sp1_Rect *r, struct sp1_tp *src)

void sp1_ClearRect(struct sp1_Rect *r, uint16_t colour, uint16_t tile, uint16_t rflag)

void sp1_ClearRectInv(struct sp1_Rect *r, uint16_t colour, uint16_t tile, uint16_t rflag)


struct sp1_ss *sp1_CreateSpr(void (*drawf)(void), uint16_t type, uint16_t height, int graphic, uint16_t plane)

uint16_t sp1_AddColSpr(struct sp1_ss *s, void (*drawf)(void), uint16_t type, int graphic, uint16_t plane)

void sp1_ChangeSprType(struct sp1_cs *c,void (*drawf)(void))

void sp1_DeleteSpr(struct sp1_ss *s)

void sp1_MoveSprAbs(struct sp1_ss *s, struct sp1_Rect *clip, void *frame, uint16_t row, uint16_t col, uint16_t vrot, uint16_t hrot)

void sp1_MoveSprRel(struct sp1_ss *s, struct sp1_Rect *clip, void *frame, int rel_row, int rel_col, int rel_vrot, int rel_hrot)

void sp1_MoveSprPix(struct sp1_ss *s, struct sp1_Rect *clip, void *frame, uint16_t x, uint16_t y)

void sp1_IterateSprChar(struct sp1_ss *s,void (*hook)(struct sp1_cs *))

void sp1_IterateUpdateSpr(struct sp1_ss *s, void (*hook)(struct sp1_update *))

void sp1_GetSprClrAddr(struct sp1_ss *s, uint8_t **sprdest)

void sp1_PutSprClr(uint8_t **sprdest, struct sp1_ap *src, uint16_t n)

void sp1_GetSprClr(uint8_t **sprsrc, struct sp1_ap *dest, uint16_t n)

void *sp1_PreShiftSpr(uint16_t flag, uint16_t height, uint16_t width, void *srcframe, void *destframe, uint16_t rshift)

void sp1_InitCharStruct(struct sp1_cs *cs, void (*drawf)(void), uint16_t type, void *graphic, uint16_t plane)

void sp1_InsertCharStruct(struct sp1_update *u, struct sp1_cs *cs)

void sp1_RemoveCharStruct(struct sp1_cs *cs)

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