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MSX GFX library


Version all
Header {z88dk}/include/msx/gfx.h, {z88dk}/include/msx/line.h, {z88dk}/include/msx/3d.h, {z88dk}/include/msx/defs.h
Source {z88dk}/libsrc/msx
Include #include <msx/gfx.h>
Linking n/a
Compile n/a
Supported MSX, Spectravideo, SC-3000, EINSTEIN
Comments n/a

NOTE: not all the functions are fully supported on all the listed targets

The GFX library by Rafael de Oliveira Jannone is almost fully included. A relevant extension is the “native” assembly implementation of the “stencils” (codename adopted in z88dk for this rendering technique), permitting to quickly display complex, sizable, filled shapes.

Note that Rafael's work is meant to run with the Hitech C compiler, don't bother him for z88dk related issues !

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