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RS232 Serial Interfaces API (rs232.h)

Header {z88dk}/include/rs232.h
Source {z88dk}/z88dk/libsrc/rs232
Include #include <rs232.h>
Linking n/a
Compile n/a

Support for RS232. Not all the platforms are supported, at the moment.

/* Handshaking codes used in XMODEM and its derivatives */
#define	SOH    1
#define	EOT    4
#define	ACK    6
#define	DLE    16
#define	DC1    17    /* X-On  */
#define	DC3    19    /* X-Off */
#define	NAK    21
#define	SYN    22
#define	CAN    24


/* Error codes returned by all functions */
#define RS_ERR_OK                       0x00    /* Not an error - relax */
#define RS_ERR_NOT_INITIALIZED          0x01    /* Module not initialized */
#define RS_ERR_BAUD_TOO_FAST            0x02    /* Cannot handle baud rate */
#define RS_ERR_BAUD_NOT_AVAIL           0x03    /* Baud rate not available */
#define RS_ERR_NO_DATA                  0x04    /* Nothing to read */
#define RS_ERR_OVERFLOW                 0x05    /* No room in send buffer */

rs232_params(params, parity)

Set up the parameters for the serial interface use | of parameters above

/* Baudrate settings */
#define RS_BAUD_50                      0x00
#define RS_BAUD_75                      0x01
#define RS_BAUD_110                     0x02
#define RS_BAUD_134_5                   0x03
#define RS_BAUD_150                     0x04
#define RS_BAUD_300                     0x05
#define RS_BAUD_600                     0x06
#define RS_BAUD_1200                    0x07
#define RS_BAUD_2400                    0x08
#define RS_BAUD_4800                    0x09
#define RS_BAUD_9600                    0x0A
#define RS_BAUD_19200                   0x0B
#define RS_BAUD_38400                   0x0C
#define RS_BAUD_57600                   0x0D
#define RS_BAUD_115200                  0x0E
#define RS_BAUD_230400                  0x0F
/* Stop bit settings */
#define RS_STOP_1                       0x00
#define RS_STOP_2                       0x80
/* Data bit settings */
#define RS_BITS_5                       0x60
#define RS_BITS_6                       0x40
#define RS_BITS_7                       0x20
#define RS_BITS_8                       0x00
/* Parity settings */
#define RS_PAR_NONE                     0x00
#define RS_PAR_ODD                      0x20
#define RS_PAR_EVEN                     0x60
#define RS_PAR_MARK                     0xA0
#define RS_PAR_SPACE                    0xE0


Initialise the serial interface


Close the interface


Write a byte to the serial interface

rs232_get(char *)

Read a byte from the serial, returns RS_ERR_NO_DATA if an error, places data in the pointer supplied

API test program

The following program requires a serial terminal connected to the serial port to test.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <rs232.h>

char byte[1];
int f;

int main()
	printf ("%cChecking basic RS232 capabilities...\n",12);
	if (rs232_params(RS_BAUD_1200, RS_PAR_NONE) == RS_ERR_OK)
		printf ("  1200 baud, N, 8, 1\n");
	if (rs232_params(RS_BAUD_2400, RS_PAR_NONE) == RS_ERR_OK)
		printf ("  2400 baud, N, 8, 1\n");

	if (rs232_params(RS_BAUD_4800, RS_PAR_NONE) == RS_ERR_OK)
		printf ("  4800 baud, N, 8, 1\n");

	if (rs232_params(RS_BAUD_9600, RS_PAR_NONE) == RS_ERR_OK)
		printf ("  9600 baud, N, 8, 1\n");

	if (rs232_params(RS_BAUD_19200, RS_PAR_NONE) == RS_ERR_OK)
		printf ("  19200 baud, N, 8, 1\n");
	printf ("\nInitializing at 1200 baud:");
	if (rs232_params(RS_BAUD_1200, RS_PAR_NONE) != RS_ERR_OK) {
		printf ("  Error setting baud rate.  Exiting...\n");
	if (rs232_init() != RS_ERR_OK) {
		printf ("  Initialization error.  Exiting...\n");
	printf ("  Done.\n");

	printf ("\nEchoing 10 bytes to console: ");
	for (f=0; f<10; f++) {
		while (rs232_get(&byte[0]) != RS_ERR_OK);
		//printf ("%c",byte[0]);
		fputc_cons (byte[0]);


	printf ("\n\nClosing RS232 port:\n");
	if (rs232_close() != RS_ERR_OK) {
		printf ("  Error.  Exiting...\n");

Available RS232 libraries

The current versions are at the moment avaiable

ZX Spectrum

(The Paul Farrow's website has a nice section about the RS232 cabling)

  • rs232if1.lib, ZX Interface 1
  • rs232plus.lib, ZX Spectrum 128, and Plus/clones

Amstrad CPC

  • rs232cpc_booster.lib, 'booster' rs232 interface
  • rs232cpc_sti.lib, STI interface
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