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Time, clock and date functions (time.h)

Header {z88dk}/include/time.h
Source {z88dk}/z88dk/libsrc/time
Include #include <time.h>
Linking n/a
Compile n/a

Time functions. Not all the platforms are supported, and only few functions are supported on platforms other than the Cambridge Z88, for now.


time_t time(time_t *)

'tm' structure

struct tm {
  int tm_sec;
  int tm_min;
  int tm_hour;
  int tm_mday;
  int tm_mon;
  int tm_year;
  int tm_wday;
  int tm_yday;
  int tm_isdst;

struct tm *gmtime(time_t *t)

struct tm *localtime(time_t *t)

time_t mktime(struct tm *tp)

clock_t clock(void)

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