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Header not available yet
Source {z88dk}/libsrc/stdio_new/fd
Include #include <stdio.h>
Linking n/a
Compile n/a
Comments These library functions are compiled as part of each target’s implicit library.

Some of the text descriptions below are taken from The C Programming Language, 2nd Editon (Kernighan and Ritchie) and the GNU Portability Library Manual.

File Descriptor Operations

int open(char *filename, int flags)

int dup(int fd)

int dup2(int fdsrc, int fddst)

int filter(?)

not implemented yet

int pipe(int fd[2])

not implemented yet

int close(int fd)

void closeall(void)

File Positioning

long lseek_callee(int fd, long offset, int whence)

Direct Input and Output

int readbyte(int fd)

int writebyte(int fd, int c)

int read(int fd, void *dst, int size)

int write(int fd, void *src, int size)

Device Driver

int fsync(int fd)

int ioctl(int fd, int request, int arg)

int poll(struct pollfd fds[], uint nfds, uint timeout=0)

int pollfd(int fd, char event)

void *setdefdev(void *driver_function)

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