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Luxor ABC80

Quick start

zcc +abc80 -lm -o adventure -create-app adv_a.c

This command will build two files: “adventure.bas” and “adventure.bac”, choose the one suitable for your emulator.

zcc +abc80 -lm  -subtype=wav -o adventure -create-app adv_a.c

This will also create a WAV audio version

zcc +abc80 -lm -subtype=hex -create-app -zorg=49200 -o adventure adv_a.c

This will build “adventure.ihx”, an Intel-HEX encoded binary file. It can be passed as a command line parameter to the ABC80SIM emulator and run directly with the command “A=CALL(49200)”.

Advanced options

zcc +abc80 -zorg=50000 -create-app program.c

The -zorg oprion permits to specify the location of the compiled program. The BASIC loader will put it into the new position


The pseudo graphics mode is supported. You first need to issue a clg () command to set up the graphics page.


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