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=== Stack Pointer === === Stack Pointer ===
-The CPC crt0 will pick a stack based on the contents of ($ae60) which defines the UDG address. On a CPC464 this value is uninitialised so the stack will probably end up at 0x0000. This is likely to paged out during firmware operations and cause a crash, in addition to corrupting the screen.+The CPC crt0 will use the 256 byte stack made available by the firmware. If this is not large enough then you will need to specify a stack address. This can be achieved with:
-Thus on a CPC464, you should compile with -pragma-define:REGISTER_SP=-0xae7d+-pragma-define:REGISTER_SP=0xnnnn
-If your program only uses a small stack (<256 bytes), then you can get away without initialising the stack pointer by giving the option -pragma-define:REGISTER_SP=-1 which will cause your program to use the same stack as BASIC. 
=== Application Creation === === Application Creation ===
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