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Mattel Aquarius hints & tools

Quick start

zcc +aquarius -lm -create-app -o adventure adv_a.c


zcc +aquarius -subtype=ansi -lm -create-app -o adventure adv_a.c

The binary converter (appmake) will create two files: _adventure.caq and adventure.caq

The first one is the BASIC loader, and the second one is the binary block. They should be loaded in sequence; type CLOAD, play the first file, then type RUN and play the second one.

Emulator notes

Tested under the “Virtual Aquarius” emulator, by James the Animal Tamer.

  1. run the emulator aquarius
  2. from within the emulator, load the loader: cload
  3. press ENTER twice, then play the “_adventure.caq” cassette file (loader)
  4. at the “OK” prompt, type RUN <ENTER>
  5. press ENTER twice, then play the “adventure.caq” cassette file
  6. wait… then have fun !


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