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Knight 2000 (Aussie Byte)

The Aussie Byte is a CP/M compatible platform, so the same base library can be used, but extra functionalities are available. Library extras include the experimental (non working) high resolution graphics and the sound support for the 1-bit sound.

Command Line

CP/M mode:

zcc  +cpm -lm -create-app -laussie -oPROGRAM program.c


For the CP/M format we suggest to use the CPMTOOLS compiled with the LibDsk option and edit an existing 84 tracks disk image.

An already built and configured version is available in the Microbee Software Preservation Project

First of all edit its “diskdefs” file and add a section:

# Knight SME Aussie Byte 5.25" DS DD 80x5x1024
diskdef k80dsdd1024
  seclen 1024
  cylinders 80
  sectrk 5
  heads 2
  sideoffs 128
  blocksize 2048
  maxdir 256
  skew 2
  skewstart 1
  datasect 1
  boottrk 4
  os 2.2

To transfer a program on a disk image erase the previous copy and refresh it, i.e.:

  cpmrm -T dsk -f k80dsdd1024 knight2000_operating.dsk
  cpmcp -T dsk -f k80dsdd1024 knight2000_operating.dsk

The resulting disk image can be associated to the MESS emulator as a command line option:

  mame aussieby -flop1 knight2000_operating.dsk

Other disk images may have been created in RAW format (no libdsk header).

Many other formats are avaiable, in the mentioned pre-configured cpmtools variant.

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