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Enterprise 64/128 Platform

Building applications

The two currently supported binary formats are both originated at address 100h.

Command Line

This command generates a file called '', which can be loaded from BASIC with the 'load' or 'run' commands (e.g. run “”):

zcc  +enterprise -lm -create-app -oprogram program.c

This command generates a file called '', with no special headers:

zcc  +enterprise -subtype=com -lm program.c

In this latter example a protection for MS/DOS is automatically inserted, though it can be excluded adding in your source program the “#pragma no-protectmsdos” directive.

Optional libraries are provided for a partial support of the 'standard' monochrome graphics, use the “-gfxep” parameter for a 336×243 resolution and “-lgfxephr” for 672×243. Some implementations are slow and incomplete, but being totally connected via the EXOS the libraries should bear video mode tweakings.

Notes on the emulators

The z88dk port has been tested on two emulators, ep32 and ep128emu. The way the text mode is emulated seems to be different in colour mode, so a monochrome 40x25x2 mode is active by default. In case no screen is visible with ep128emu on old PCs, try passing the '-no-opengl' parameter at startup.

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