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VEB Mikroelektronik (formerly Robotron) HC-900, KC85/2..KC85/5

Quick start

zcc +kc -lndos -lm -o adventure -create-app adv_a.c

This command will build a file called “ADVENTURE.KCC”, a binary file suitable to be run on the existing emulators.

You can change the program location with the “-zorg=” option.

Build options

  • -subtype=tap - appmake variant to create a '.TAP' file rather than using the '.KCC' format
  • #pragma output nosound - (to be defined in the user C program) Save few bytes not preserving IX on tape and sound interrupts

JKCEMU emulator

The The Java KC-Emulator is probably the more stable and advanced tool, at the moment. The website includes also lots of information.

To run a “.tap” program use the “Datei/Laden” menu, pick your file and click on “Starten”.

KCemu Emulator

To run:

  start kcemu -2   (or -3..-5)

WEB Links

KC-Club Homepage

Ulrich Zander hobby pages. Lots of technical information and software.

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