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Lambda 8300 / Power 3000

The Lambda 8300 is an improved chinese clone of the ZX81.

This same product was probably always made in Hong Kong and sold locally and around the world with several different names:

- Lambda 8300 (England, Scandinavia)

- Lambda 3000 (Denmark)

- DEF 3000 (France)

- PC 2000 (Scandinavia)

- Marathon 32K (Scandinavia)

- IQ 8300 (Germany)

- PC 8300 (Canada)

- Creon Enterprises Power 3000 (Germany)

- Unisonic Futura 8300 (USA)

- Your Computer Basic 2000 / 3000 (France, Germany, Scandinavia)

Quick start

zcc +lambda -lzx81_math -create-app program.c


zcc +lambda -lm -create-app program.c

The latter option will use the ROM for Floating Point, which will produce small but slower and less accurate code.

Compiler hints

The programs will work in SLOW mode by default; to run your program in FAST mode, the “-subtype=fast” flag is required. By default the compiler inserts new interrupt handlers, protecting the registers needed by the z88dk programs while the screen is being refreshed; the FAST mode does not require such handler, so the output program gets slightly smaller.

Startup modes

Using directly the startup modes is not normally necessary: the -subtype= and -clib= do it transparently; for advanced developers it may be useful to know that the same 'zx81_crt0.asm' is used for the LAMBDA, passing startup values > 100.


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