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Camputers Lynx

(About 30000 units were sold).

Quick start

zcc +lynx -lm -create-app adv_a.c

This will create “a.tap”, ready for the use on an emulator.

"PALE" emulator method

zcc +lynx -lm -o adventure.z80 adv_a.c

This will create a binary block called “adventure.z80”.

Please use the “PALE” Pete's Lynx Emulator and get to the options window (right-click).

Archived copy of the no longer existing PALE website

Click on the “Z80-TAP” button to get in the BINARY converter tool, set both the “start” and “execute” fields to 7000 (good for a 96K Lynx computer) and click on “convert” to get the .TAP file.

The resulting .TAP file will be a “binary mode” file (to be run with MLOAD “”).

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