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Camputers Lynx

(About 30000 units were sold).

The z88dk support for this target computer is still at an earlier stage. There is no appmake packaging support, so an external tool must be used.

Quick start

zcc +lynx -lm -create-app adv_a.c

This will create “a.tap”, ready for the use on an emulator.

"PALE" emulator method

zcc +lynx -lm -o adventure.z80 adv_a.c

This will create a binary block called “adventure.z80”.

Please use the “PALE” Pete's Lynx Emulator and get to the options window (right-click).

Archived copy of the no longer existing PALE website

Click on the “Z80-TAP” button to get in the BINARY converter tool, set both the “start” and “execute” fields to 7000 (good for a 96K Lynx computer) and click on “convert” to get the .TAP file.

The resulting .TAP file will be a “binary mode” file (to be run with MLOAD ””).

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