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CCE MC-1000

Quick start

zcc +mc1000 -create-app -Cz--audio program.c

– or –

zcc +mc1000 -clib=ansi -create-app -Cz--audio program.c

This will genetrate three files, a.bin (a pure binary block), a.cas (an intermediate file), and a.wav, ready to be loaded on the real hardware.

The example above is meant to be loaded with the “LOAD” command. The GAMING mode is supported too:

zcc +mc1000 -subtype=gaming -create-app -Cz--audio program.c

Emulator notes

The last versions of the MESS emulator are quite valid, but the tape loading timing seems to be slighty different. To save some time loading on MESS, add the “-Cz–fast” flag to the compiler command line.

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