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MSX hints & tools

Quick start

zcc +msx -create-app adv_a.c

This will genetrate two files, a.bin (a pure binary block to be run at $9c40) and a.cas, a binary tape image suitable for the MSX emulators.

zcc +msx -create-app -subtype=wav adv_a.c

This will create also 'a.wav', ready to be transferred on a tape.

For the above examples the BASIC command is BLOAD “CAS:”,R

zcc +msx -subtype=msxdos -lm adv_a.c

This will genetrate a file, which is located at $100, as required by MSXDOS.

ROM mode

This is an experimental mode to create ROM cartridges, add ”-subtype=rom”. Please be aware that not all the functions will work in ROM mode.

Disk subtype notes

The bin2msx tool is no longer necessary

Here's a step - by - step example on how to compile and run the adv_a game:

  • compile the adv_a game
zcc +msx -create-app -subtype=disk adv_a.c

It generates two files, a.bin, (pure binary file) and a.msx (binary file with some header stuff).

  • get 'dsktool' by Ricardo Bittencourt and a working disk image. You can get it here or here.
  • put “a.msx” in the disk image
dsktool A test.dsk a.msx
  • run an MSX emulator and choose to boot as MSX1, then put the disk image in the 'virtual' drive 1.
  • load and run the game
bload "a.msx",r

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