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Memotech MTX

Quick start

MTX 500 mode (32K):

zcc +mtx -create-app -oadventure.bin adv_a.c

This memory model works with the MTX512 too, but before loading the user must type:

POKE 64122,0 

MTX 512 mode (64K and more):

zcc +mtx -create-app -startup=2 -oadventure.bin adv_a.c

Extra options

The binary converter (appmake) will create a file named “adventure.wav” (along with binary file in MtxEmu format, used also in older MESS versions).

Other options for appmake include a 'turboload' mode (-Cz ––fast) and the MacTX MTB binary format (-Cz ––mtb).

ROM mode

This is untested, add “-subtype=rom”.

Supported libraries

Most of the monochrome gaphics lib and most of the MSX stuff are supported, but still experimental.

Appmake extras

The appmake tool can be run in “dumb” mode to generate the corresponding audio track of some external program.


C:\>appmake +mtx --dumb --audio -b ASTROPAC

Info: Program Name found in header:  ASTROPAC

Stklim: $f8f2
System Variables block length ........... 601 byte(s)
$FACC (prg block length) ................ 993 byte(s)
$FA81 (CALCST): $c001
$FA7B (VARNAM): $c000
Variables block length .................. 1 byte(s)
Extra data: 8576 byte(s), creating one more block

The optional “—fast” flag will produce a non-standard audio track which, even if faster, should be still loadable by the real computer.


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