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NASCOM 1 & 2 hints & tools

The code should work with both NASSYS and T MONITORs, and is located by default at $1000.

Quick start

zcc +nascom -lm -o adventure -create-app adv_a.c


zcc +nascom -clib=ansi -lm -o adventure -create-app adv_a.c

This command will build a file called “adventure.nas”, an HEX formatted binary file suitable to be run on the existing emulators.

It is possible to choose a full VT/ANSI emulation or a tiny console support. The ANSI version of the library depends a bit less on the ROM because the video memory is addressed directly.

Virtual Nascom

Download and build from

To run

./virtualnascom adventure.nas

Once the monitor is running, enter “E 1000”

VNASCOM Emulator hint

To run a compiled program:

vnascom ROM=nassys1.nas RAM=adventure.nas KBD=E1000

NASCOM related WEB Links

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