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Grundy Newbrain Platform


The Grundy Newbrain platform is still supported quite at a base level, but it already features a powerful appmake tool.

Building applications

The binary code can be relocated or left at its default position at 10000 (decimal).

Command Line

zcc  +newbrain -lm -lndos -create-app program.c


zcc  +newbrain -lm -lnbdrv -create-app program.c

The above examples will build a BASIC loader, a binary block and a “directory file”, suitable for the tape support of the Newbrain emulator by Chris Despinidis. In the second case the file library is linked in place of the foo fcntl one.

Advanced options

zcc  +newbrain -lm -startup=2 -create-app program.c

The “startup=2” option enables an irq extender, still under development. This option won't work on expanded models.

zcc  +newbrain -lm -zorg=20000 -create-app program.c

The “-zorg=<location>” option locates the code at the desired position; it has effect also on the “appmake” tool, which will adapt the loader for the new location.

zcc  +newbrain -lm -Cz-o -Cz-myname -create-app program.c

It is an advanced way to pass parameters to the appmake tool; in this case we've specified a different file name. The available options are:

  -h   --help            (bool)    Display this help
  -b   --binfile         (string)  Linked binary file
  -c   --crt0file        (string)  crt0 file used in linking
  -o   --output          (string)  Name of output file
  -a   --ascii           (bool)    Generate a BASIC loader in plain text
       --blockname       (string)  Name of the binary block in tape
       --org             (integer) Origin of the binary

Tips and tricks

Disk expansion

To select the tape device in disk-enabled models, you need to change the default I/O device before LOADing the program:

POKE 19,1

Then you can use the LOAD command as usual.

Using CP/M

The CP/M target environment can be extended with Newbrain specific functions simply linking the “nbcpm” library.

Refer to the library documentation for details.

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