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Epson PX8 (Geneva, HC-80)

Supported file formats include the normal CP/M ”.COM” file (see the CP/M) section or the EPROM image. Only minimal graphic support is available at the moment, but some special output can be gained by the powerful console provided by the PX8. The CP/M implementation of the time() function includes the automatic detection and support of the special Epson BIOS.

Quick Start

COM file format (see CP/M section):

zcc +cpm -create-app -oname name.c

ROM file formats:

zcc +cpm -subtype=px -create-app -oname name.c
zcc +cpm -subtype=px32k -create-app -oname name.c

Emulator Hints

The HC-80 Takeda's emulator can be used to test the programs by creating a 32K ROM image and renaming it to “BASIC.ROM”.


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