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SAM Coupe hints & tools

You can use the dskman utility to save your files to a dsk-image which can be written out to a DD floppy and read by a real SAM Coupé.

Quick start

zcc +sam -lm application.c

– or –

zcc +sam -clib=ansi -lm application.c

Emulator notes

Use the SimCoupè emulator, press F3 and you can now import any binary in the file system to any given address of the SAM Coupé. When returning to BASIC you can CALL [address] as usual.

The SAM Coupe port has also been tested on the SAMEMU emulator. This emulator can load a file in ram (at address 32768) by pressing F1:

- compile the program (zcc +sam hello.c  --or--  zcc +sam -clib=ansi hello.c  )
- copy the compiled output to a file called "SAMFILE" (copy a.bin samfile -or- copy a.bin samfile )
- run the emulator, press F1 (apparently nothing happens) and type "call 32768".
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