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SEGA SC-3000

Quick start

zcc +sc3000 -create-app -Cz--audio -oadventure adv_a.c

The binary converter (appmake) will create a file named “adventure.wav” (along with a totally usupported 'TAP' file). Such file can be used on an emulator or loaded on the real hardware. Optionally the loading speed can be tweaked with the '-Cz––fast' parameter (you use it at your own risk !).

SF-7000 disk drive extension

zcc +sc3000 -create-app -subtype=sf7000 -Cz--audio -oadventure -zorg=40000 adv_a.c

In this case we are preparing an object file for the SF-7000 extension, positioned at location 40000

ROM mode option

zcc +sc3000 -subtype=rom program.c

This is an experimental option to create a ROM cartridge

Supported libraries

Most of the monochrome gaphics lib and most of the MSX stuff are supported.

Emulator hints

MAME (formerly MESS)

  mame sc3000 -cass1 a.wav -cart1

.. LOAD, play tape, RUN



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