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Sord M5

AKA Gold Star Electronics FC-150 (Famicom-150).

The stdio library has been tested with the “Integer BASIC” cartridge extension.

Quick start

zcc  +m5 -lm -create-app -Cz--audio program.c

This will create both a 'CAS' and a WAV file, for emulators or the real hardware. To load and run the program use the SORD BASIC 'TAPE' command.

Old hints for the emulator by Joseba Epalza.

zcc +m5 -lm -zorg 29696 program.c

This will create a binary file.

To upload something on the emulator use the “inject utility” from the /support/generic folder.

  1. run the emulator
  2. press F3 to save a clean RAM image
  3. exit from emulator (ESC)
  4. rename dump.ram to dump.img
  5. compile a program (zcc +m5 hello.c)
  6. “inject” the program into the RAM dump (inject a.bin dump.img 1024 dump.ram)
  7. run the emulator
  8. press F4 to load the modified RAM dump
  9. type “call 29696” and enjoy !
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