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Spectravideo SVI

The Spectravideo SVI-318 and SVI-328 are now well supported. Most of the generic functions (monochrome graphics, 1 bit sound, stdio, etc) are supported as well as most of the MSX specific ones.

Quick start

zcc  +svi -lm -create-app program.c

This will create a .CAS file. Once compiled, run the SVI emulator and load the “tape” with the /r option.

If you are using the Jimmy Mårdell's "SVI" emulator, you can specify the autoload option:

  svi -tapa adv.cas

Other emulators, in example BlueMSX need the full BASIC command to be typed in:

  bload "cas:",r

A WAV audio file can be created too, with the following option:

zcc  +svi -lm -create-app -subtype=wav -Cz--audio program.c
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