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Timex TS2068 and TS2048 (ZX Spectrum clones)


This port is an improvement of the ZX Spectrum one, which already includes some automatic fix to solve the compatibility problems on the TS2068. Most of the extra functionalities permit to take benefit of the extended video mode for text and graphics.

Please refer to the ZX Spectrum platform docs for further information about most of the available features (appmake, etc).

Command Line

Spectrum mode:

zcc  +ts2068 -subtype=nohrg -create-app program.c

Extended mode:

zcc  +ts2068 -create-app program.c


zcc  +ts2068 -clib=ansi -create-app program.c

Extended functions

Extra functionalities are available for such platform, notably the Sprite Pack 1 library supporting the 512×192 graphics resolution.

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