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VZ 200

z88dk is able to compile programs for the “VZ 200 family”. Such group of computers includes the Dick Smith VZ200 and VZ300 the Video Technology Laser 210 and Laser 310, the Texet TX 8000 and the Salora Fellow.

The graphics mode is automatically switched on by calling “clg” or printing CHR$ 12 or calling the vz_mode() function.

Quick start

zcc +vz -lm -o adventure.vz adv_a.c


zcc +vz -clib=ansi -lm -o adventure.vz adv_a.c

Using The “-subtype=basic” option a BASIC loader block is embedded in the CRT0 stub, so that the resulting binary file is ready for the “RUN” command. By default an auto-run binary block is created.

To get a WAV version of the program it is necessary to add the “-create-app” and the “-Cz–audio” options. To tweak the speed and gain little time “-Cz–fast” is available.

appmake extras

Appmake is able to convert the compiled program from VZ to the newer CAS format; optionally a wav can be created for loading onto the original hardware, even in a slightly 'faster' mode.

To compile a program and generate a CAS and a WAV file:

zcc +vz -create-app -o rpn rpn.c -Cz--audio

To use appmake as a dumb converter and speed-up a little the audio stream:

appmake +vz -b airstrip.vz --audio --fast

Old behaviour

Note: The “-subtype=bin” parameter is required to avoid extra headers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
How pass the code to the VZ emulator.

- Get the VZ emulator from:
- Get the utilities, also
- Set the environment variables correctly
- Compile your code (to a.bin) using the "-subtype=bin" parameter 
- Use the rbinary utility (Rbinary.exe a.bin a.vz)
- Run the emulator
- Type: POKE 30862,0:POKE 30863,128
- Press F10, then 1 (Load Program)
- Choose a.vz
- Return to the emulator (press ENTER)
- Type: X=USR(0)


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